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"Jessica truly has a gift for helping to guide me thru some of my 'messy' life questions. Jessica has a knack for asking me just the right question(s) to help assist me in getting 'unstuck' and finding a path to move forward. Prior to ending each session, Jessica makes sure that I have 1 or 2 action items (and sometimes more) for me to focus on to help me achieve my goal. Jessica's support, patience and positivity radiate throughout the entire coaching session. She has made a huge difference in how I see myself and the world around me. Thank you Jessica for helping me to show up as my best self every day!"

"What I love most about my coaching sessions with Jessica is she makes you feel 100% comfortable sharing joys, concerns, and goals in a positive, uplifting, and loving environment. There is no judgment, only someone who listens and asks questions to help you move forward in a positive direction towards your goals, whether it be personal or professional. She is amazing!"

Stephanie J.

Amanda J.

I truly want all the ladies in my life to have Jessica as a coach! She’s been so amazing at getting me “unstuck” and working through the challenges and pitfalls that have kept me from being my best self. In each session with Jessica, she guides me to my own “Aha” moments that I never would have gotten to on my own. I expected coaching to be someone telling what things I needed to change. Instead, Jessica gives me the safe space, thoughtful exercises, and mental processing I need to get to my OWN conclusions about how to conquer my goals—which was so fantastic and unexpected! After working with me to get to the heart of the matter, she then offers the tools, the motivation and a plan to help me get there. Her homework and reach-outs through the week are such an added value between sessions, as well! Working with Jessica was easily the best decision I’ve made this year and I’m so excited for all I will accomplish with her coaching!

Amazing does not even begin to scratch the surface! Jessica is a true visionary who sees all the good inside of you and helps to bring it out. She does not preach, she does not give advice, she does not tell you what to do. Instead, she spends time getting to know you, what works for you, what brings you joy, and how you can harness your inner energy in new and meaningful ways.

I never thought a life coach could help me to reframe and reprioritize my life in the ways that Jessica did. Plus, she's super badass and so much fun! I highly, highly, highly recommend that you book with her. Immediately!

Liz J.

Carrie J.

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