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Five women in group coaching session sitting close together.

confidence to be ourselves

community to foster a sense of belonging

capacity to be resilient in all areas of our lives

Well Within Experience

The Well Within Experience is a 8-week transformational program that allows you to become an observer of your own life. You will discover how you matter and what holds meaning to you. We will be combining an inside out wellbeing approach along with mindfulness practices, community and coaching in order to assist you in becoming the very best version of yourself.

Come discover the power of the collective where we will address the underlying circumstances associated with:

  • Burnout

  • Balance & Flow

  • Boundaries

  • Building Self-Confidence

  • Tuning into Intuition

  • Gratitude

  • Making meaning in your world

What you will get with this transformational experience:

  • An understanding of how you matter and what holds meaning to you

  • Discovery of your authentic voice

  • Individual growth that inspires confidence in self

  • A sense of belonging & community with other women wrestling with the same questions

  • Tools & resources to guide you through the experience & beyond

  • Two dedicated certified coaches

The Well Within Experience provides tools and techniques to help you create an awareness that gives you the capacity to be resourceful and resilient in spite of whatever comes your way.

The experience consists of three core areas:

Three women in group coaching session. Smiling and talking.

Awareness of Self

Examining your personal values and understand the deeper meaning of sustaining strong, healthy relationships.

Woman sitting at window journaling with plants beside her.

Inner Knowing

Exploring how tuning into your gut and strengthening your sense of gratitude protects our purpose.

Women in field wearing hat and outdoor gear. Hands raised above her head facing a beautiful sunset and rolling hills.

Your World

Applying learnings to dream up the world you want to experience.

 Well Within Experience details:

EIGHT (8) virtual group sessions

Weekly 90-minute virtual group sessions.

Resources + materials

Everything you need to guide you through the experience and beyond!

Two (2) 1:1 sessions

Two (2) 55-minute virtual sessions throughout

the experience with a certified wellbeing + life coach.

Unlimited voxer voice + text messaging support

Unlimited access via voice or text to me for support, questions, celebrating wins!

Women in group coaching session. Coffees in hand, journals in laps.

Next session coming soon!

Are you ready to make a commitment to self?

You are so worthy. It's time to make the shifts from the inside out.



Bring the Well Within Experience
to your organization

Contact us for a customized quote today. This program is a great addition to any Employee Assistance Programming and your benefits package. It will assist employees by helping them look at what matters to them in terms of their overall mental, emotional and physical health so they better understand what they need and are self-motivated to access all other programs your organization has available. The Well Within Experience will increase their potential for making long term change that positively impacts their engagement,

self-determination, and job satisfaction.

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