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Photo of Coach Jessica with her family - husband and three children. Outdoors with fall colored leaves in the background.


I am a recovering self-sabotager who was plagued by limiting beliefs and self-doubt for FAR TOO LONG.

I very much followed the traditional path… college, amazing career at a Top 100 retail corporation, marriage, house, kids. You would think with all of that, I would have been happy, content, and settled but I wasn’t. I was miserable. I was in a career that was no longer supporting and fulfilling me and was struggling with some pretty intense mental health stuff. After a year of "sticking it out", I left my secure career to stay home with my beautiful babies and heal. I felt this incredibly heavy weight lift off of my chest and felt so free.

Not long after, I started freelance work in the same field but this time it was for myself. While the work was exciting - traveling to beautiful destinations, working with some of the most incredible people in the world, and doing it on my own terms - I still was missing something. I had this lingering feeling that there had to be something more.

And then in early 2020, the world stopped. The pandemic obliterated my business. I went from being booked out all year to nothing. To say the anxiety and fear that I felt in those first few months were difficult is the understatement of the century. But that feeling did not take hold of me for long. For the first time in my life, I was faced with the most freeing decision. Stay in a career that I had outgrown or dive into my fears head first and finally embrace where I was supposed to be.

I chose the later and pivoted. I knew this is the path I wanted to take but had no clue what to do next. The shift was so clear but yet so unknown. The freedom the sudden job loss gave me allowed me to expand my awareness of what could be. I had never taken the time to really be still, focus inward and identify what truly brings me joy.

I found my something more in the service of others. I have never been more sure or more clear of the path that I am taking. 

I am so excited to serve you on your journey of self discovery! Click the link below to schedule a FREE discovery call to determine if coaching is a good fit for you.

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